Friday, August 17, 2012

Tea time at Donald & Lily's

Back to Malacca and we went to have some nyonya treats at Donald & Lily's new shop.

Yummy chesil, tauhu rojak and meehoon Siam.

Arts and crafts time

Sharing a post on arts and crafts time during weekend. Elly drew a Barbie girl and Emmy choose a hello kitty watch.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home cooking

Been travelling a lot recently and this weekend spend the time at home and cooked some simple meals. Looks yummy and delicious! We had chicken chop, grilled salmon and variety of vegetables!  Wholesome meal at home. Yum yum...

Congkak from Surabaya

Bought a traditional game for the girls in recent trip to Surabaya. They loved playing with the Congkak. Funny thing is they introduce their own rules to the game and drop a 'pebble' at each other home, and even helped each other to get the most pebbles. Well...whatever as long as they played together happily.