Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Story Telling

Emmy drew this and told a story of scary theme during our evening family activity. It was a scary story of the monster and the baby alien. We all had a great laugh listening to her imagination, with change of voice and actions.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Craft Time @ Home

Lil sister, Emmy was down with fever, diarhoea and vomit. According to doctor, its the season for virus that caused this sickkness.

We spent the weekend at home. Elly and emmy spent some time doing art and craft. The girls drew, cut and paste some angry birds.

Elly made a birthday card for her good friend in her kindergarten, YinTing. She found out about her friend's birthday through the Astro Disney Junior channel. What a coincidence as she was watching some programme when the birthday greetings appeared on screen.

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My First Handbag from Elly

Elly drew me this handbag. It's a Coach bag! She really has the eye for details and even drew the tags.haha...

I hope I can get a real one from you when you grow up, ok!

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Princess Angry Bird

Elly made this princess version of Angry Bird. Its an angry bird with a crown, beautiful beak, long hair and high heel shoes.

Really cool, huh?

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I recently like to read parenting blogs, especially those written by parents themselves. I like to share this blog written by Abel Cheng, a work from home daddy with 2 young kids. Check out his blog at I find the blog rather entertaining and informative.

There is no magic required in bringing up kids, just lots of patience and love. I like his saying that we are normal human being too, dont put too high expectation on ourselves as parents as we are learning and growing at the same time too. No one is born as a great parent. It requires a lot of hard work, fine-tuning and 'trial and error' as each kid is unique and will require just a little more observation from us.

I have a 4 yo toddler myself. I seem to connect with his post on 'What a 4YO should know'. I am sharing his views too, to me what is more important is not the checklists of what the kid can or cannot do. It is what our parents have 'condition' or set the expectation to the child.

As Emmy will sit for her exams, haha, yes, Malaysian education system is funny. Starting tomorrow, she will start her 2 weeks of exams. I spend some time to do some revision with her, but i do not pressure her with the exams. To me, what is more important is the learning journey and not the results of exams.

Anyway, back to this blog, it also recommend some scenic places around Malaysia for parents to plan for short vacation with children. I will plan for mine too, have heard a lot of Sekinchan, hope to be able to bring my kids there for a day tour.

Thanks, Abel Cheng for all the sharings.