Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twist Twist Twist Dancers

Elly and classmates performing Twist Twist Twist dance during Mayter's year end annual performance.

As her performance was quite good, she was selected to perform at Leisure Mall on Nov 20th, in conjunction with Mayter Story Telling Competition.

It was her first public performance on stage...:)

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Kakak Yati and Elly

Thanks to Kakak Yati, she takes good care of Elly at school and during the daycare. Have to remind Kakak Yati to give more vege to Elly.

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Thank You, Teacher Jacinta

Teacher Jacinta, Elly's class teacher. Met her at the Parents Teacher Meeting. Being told that Elly was doing well in her studies and mixed around well with friends.

When Teacher Jacinta wanted to share something more, Elly praised "Teacher Jacinta, you look like a beautiful princess today". Guessed that soothed the teacher so much, Teacher Jacinta shared that Elly was very generous with her praises and sweet words.

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Elly and Toy Poodle, Rex

Elly always want to have a dog. During school holidays, brought her to Leon 哥哥 house. Elly enjoyed playing with Rex and Leon 哥哥. She even said that she wished to have a brother, hmm...

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Mom Gets 98%

Elly drew this picture on her Mandarin book. She drew Mom and gave me 'A' and 98 marks for spending time teaching her Mandarin.

Thanks Elly, I enjoyed spending time with you too!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mayter's Annual Concert - Oct 2010

Its Mayter's Annual Concert and a few kindergartens; Connaught, Mewah, Anggerik branches had a joint concert at Dewan Puteri Islam, Cheras. Elly's performance was 'Twist Twist Twist'. Seeing all other kids performed really marvelled me, its all the hardwork of the teachers. I wonder how they managed and controlled the large number of kids, while for myself, having 2 of them sometimes already drive me nuts..:)

Took the opportunity to take a photo of Elly and her 'partner' in class (who sat next to her). The boy's name is Ya Zhong and the funniest thing was Elly found him to be the most handome person on earth!

Genting Escapade - July 2010

It was the girls second trip to Genting, the first was last year, 2009. This round, Popo and Gonggong did not joined us. For the whole 2d1n trip became a kids trip, with most of the times, we were at the theme parks.

While having a break back in the room, Elly and Emmy danced to the rythm of 'Nobody Nobody' by Wondergirls. A great weekend escapade for young family; i mean family with young kids. :)

Birthday Bash - June 2010

Shangrila hotel served the best buffets in town, well... at least, that was my opinion. To celebrate Gong gong and Mommy's birthdays (yup, we shared the same birthday), we went for a feast at Lemon Garden, Shangrila Hotel, KL. As it was also a day after Father's Day, guessed a lot of seafood was ordered for the celebration, we enjoyed some of the best lobsters and fishes. The other seafood were fresh too!

Yummy! Happy birthday and may Gonggong and Popo always healthy and happy.

Balloon Exhibition - June 2010

While we were back in Malacca for the weekends, we went to the Balloon Competition held at Jusco Malacca. The girls were marvelled by the various designs of the balloons, even myself was awed by the creativity and efforts put in by all the contestants.

Elly especially, loved the mermaid balloons and the pearl balloons.

Playful Children - April 2010

As now only Mommy stopped procrastinating and acted on downloading all the photos from the camera since January 2010, many beautiful moments of growing up times was captured throughout 2010. For April, this was the sweetest ones, the girls just spending time being together at home and entertaining each other, in a way that only they understand...:)

The girls are really growing up fast and will spend more time with them in their growing up years. Now seeing them sleeping soundly as i am blogging, a sense of gratefulness and happiness filled me up.

Many thanks to my Mom and Emmy's babysitter for taking good care of them while we were working.

Elly's Birthday at Mayter - March 2010

Elly was lucky as the second week after she enrolled in Mayter Kindergarten, she celebrated her 4th birthday with her schoolmates. As everyone has to bring a cake for the birthday party, Popo bought a pandan layer cake for Elly (green in color with shredded coconuts).

Petrosains Experience - May 2010

Petrosains Discovery Center
, located in KLCC is another excellent experiential place for kids. In May 2010, we brought the girls for a fun day at Petrosains KLCC. There were various areas for learning, mostly by experiential and fun-learning.

As it was a long journey, we rented 2 strollers for the girls and managed to explore all the exciting areas; which was explained at The ones that the girls enjoyed most includes the 3D short cartoon, helicopter simulation and the Space areas.

Pregnancy Playtime - Feb 2010

The girls love to play. And sometimes, we got crazy ideas and we just let the girls explored the creativity and act into their plays. While we were visiting Gugu's home in Mont Kiara, the girls got the creative idea to play pregnant women.

How they did that? By putting balloons under their clothes and just have fun!

Awesome Aquaria KLCC - March 2010

Thanks to joint promotion by Maybank and Aquaria KLCC, i got discounted tickets to bring Elly and Emmy for an underwater experience. As the place was very crowded and scared to lose sights of the girls, we did not manage to capture many pictures.

And most of the times, Elly and Emmy wanted to be carried by myself and Sky. Nevertheless, it is worth the experience for parents with pre-school kids, open up their world to abundance of life and nature.

It was also a birthday treat for Elly! Happy 4th birthday, Elly.

Elly's Dance Performance

Elly's first dance performance on stage. It is in conjunction with Mayter's Story Telling Competition.

Her dance was entitled 'Twist Twist Twist'. So happy to see Elly dancing to the rythm and performed at her best!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Us...

We love each other a lot! When Elly was performing on stage, Emmy kept giving encouragement '姐姐,加油!'

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Granny and Us

Just a candid shot for rememberance with Popo after Elly's concert.

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Bride and Groom to be

Elly and Emmy making friends with Mommy's friends, who came to gave '嫁女'biscuits.

Congratulations to the new bride and groom to be!

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Elly's drawing

In this drawing, Elly shared that she was going shopping with her 'gugu'(aunty). And there were unicorns along the way. Its a sunny day too.

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